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Advanced Bootcamp

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After 10 junior bootcamps, it was time for an advanced bootcamp.

In the past we trained developers from scratch. People with no coding skills could become proficient junior mobile developers in three months.

These people can be succesfully put in a team to develop features in apps, with the guidance of a senior mobile developer. It works, I've seen it many times.

However, sometimes the developer was not challenged enough in their team. And without challenge, it is hard for a developer to become better as a developer.

Also, a lot of companies are unwilling to invest in a junior developer, because of fear, anxiety, or just plain ignorance.

"We hire only seniors, because we need to deliver in X months."

Well, if you're on a slash and burn startup, that might work, but you cannot find your seniors.

If however, you want to actually grow your company, it is worthwhile to invest in junior developers.

More and more companies now start to realize that.

For these companies we developed an advanced bootcamp.

This two month bootcamp is meant for the junior who has worked as a developer for 1,5-2 years and is ready for the next challenge: data structures, architecture, advanced debugging techniques.

I developed the curriculum together with Daniel Salber.

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